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Clad in a red net saree, she emerged out of the crowd on the bustling street. Having a voluptuous frame, she walked towards me. Her long, dark hair braided neatly, she wore minimal jewellery and a red lipstick that contrasted with her fair skin. A little timid in her appearance, she

The most important question pops up as you wed, ‘Should I wed in white or be bold in black?’ Styles come and go, and you are never quite sure what interesting trend is around the corner. Roman women wore long white tunics and a belt was tied around the waist

Leveraging Data Science to Identify Fraudulent Scientific Studies

A recent article in The Atlantic discussed how a scientific researcher is leveraging new software to address the issue of fraud in scientific studies. Though typically I focus more on the application of analytics for occupational fraud, this

ACFE Publishes 10th Edition of the Report to the Nations

With the publication of the 2018 Report to the Nations, I am struck by how this study, like the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners itself, is in many ways a tribute to the vision and

Accounting Malpractice and the Auditor’s Responsibility to Detect Fraud

In the case of Livent, Inc. v. Deloitte & Touche the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a 2014 decision ordering Deloitte & Touche (Deloitte) pay $118 million in damages to a theater company (Livent, Inc.)

Supporting Whistleblowers Begins with Semantics

In 2003, the ACFE awarded its first Sentinel Award to its namesake, Oscar-winning actor Cliff Robertson, “For Choosing Truth Over Self.” Robertson, known as “The Whistleblower of Hollywood,” courageously exposed and pressed for the investigation

Cybersecurity Expert Warns GDPR Could Create New Extortion Opportunities

Dr. Jessica Barker addressed hundreds of anti-fraud professionals yesterday at the 2018 ACFE Fraud Conference Europe and told them that a new weak point in organizations’ cybersecurity might stem from an unlikely source — General Data