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Clad in a red net saree, she emerged out of the crowd on the bustling street. Having a voluptuous frame, she walked towards me. Her long, dark hair braided neatly, she wore minimal jewellery and a red lipstick that contrasted with her fair skin. A little timid in her appearance, she

The most important question pops up as you wed, ‘Should I wed in white or be bold in black?’ Styles come and go, and you are never quite sure what interesting trend is around the corner. Roman women wore long white tunics and a belt was tied around the waist

The Top 8 Concealment Methods Used by Fraudsters

An act of fraud rarely occurs without subsequent acts to hide it. In the time after a fraud takes place, perpetrators are working in multiple ways to either circumvent controls or take advantage of a

Plunged Into Darkness: The Threat of Power Grid Hacking

While a report prepared by the Risk and Infrastructure Science Center indicates that severe weather — like Hurricanes Harvey and Maria — lead the pack when it comes to causes of power outages in the U.S., Mother

Fraud and Corruption Don't Always Involve a Spreadsheet

Bryan Fogel has most likely never performed a ratio analysis on corporate financial statements or testified in court during a fraud trial, but the story he told through the Academy Award-winning documentary, ICARUS, resonates with

RSA’s Quarterly Fraud Report Finds Decrease in Cyberfraud

Perhaps the most encouraging and notable piece of RSA’s most recent quarterly report comes in the form of an overall decrease in cyberfraud. The total amount of cyberfraud attacks observed from January 1, 2018 to

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Mentoring Relationship

According to an American Psychological Association study titled “The pursuit of personal goals: A motivational approach to well-being and life adjustment,” when your external goals align with your inward aspirations, setting and reaching goals has