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Clad in a red net saree, she emerged out of the crowd on the bustling street. Having a voluptuous frame, she walked towards me. Her long, dark hair braided neatly, she wore minimal jewellery and a red lipstick that contrasted with her fair skin. A little timid in her appearance, she

The most important question pops up as you wed, ‘Should I wed in white or be bold in black?’ Styles come and go, and you are never quite sure what interesting trend is around the corner. Roman women wore long white tunics and a belt was tied around the waist

Cyberattacks and Cryptocurrency Predicted to be Among Largest Fraud Issues in 2018

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to see headlines about a new instance of fraud many times a week. Whether it’s a new phishing scam targeting seniors or the arrest of a low-level employee embezzling

Jump-Start Your Fraud Examination Career With Internships and Study Abroad Programs

Before beginning his career in bank examination, and later internal audit, Jacob Flournoy wishes he would have done more of one thing: listening. “I was probably told everything I needed to succeed by my trusted

Fear Not the Deposition Hot Seat

Depositions are grueling. Let’s say you’re an expert witness for the defense. As you walk into the conference room of the plaintiff’s counsel your heart rate ascends, your palms sweat and you reach for a

Cryptocurrency in 2018: Cautiously Embracing the Future

2017 was a year of unprecedented progress for cryptocurrencies. From the Japanese government’s decision to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender to the overall cryptocurrency market cap exceeding $500 billion, it is a safe bet to

Weathering Human Nature's Storms: Is Your Internal Control System Intact?

If you see a weather forecast that a blizzard or big storm is coming, you would most likely rush to stock up on food, water and other necessities. Similarly, if you knew fraudsters were targeting