Safe homes-Elegant Finger Print Lock- From ZICOM

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Product Type: Home Security.

Gadget: Finger Print Lock.

Brand: Zicom.

Zicom is incorporated in 1994 who is a pioneer and leader in the field of Electronic Security in India. With over 450 crores in annual sales, operation in over 5 countries, 400 cities in India and over 1 million customers’, Zicom is today synonymous with Electronic Security in India.

About Product

Image 2It is one of the most creative and problem free security devices in recent times in the Fingerprint Lock industry. It is made stylized & have elegant look having keyless door locks which are inbuilt with an exceptional sensor device that unlocks the door with a touch of your finger.

Now, you need not worry about losing your keys as this elegant looking lock are a perfect solution for saving one from the problem of stolen/lost key or an unauthorized entry. It comes with one more variant-“Elite Fingerprint Lock”

These locks are beautifully designed to add to the aesthetics of your home/ office décor. A fingerprint lock has three ways of unlocking – through fingerprint, PIN or emergency key override. That is exactly the way your locks will open. Believe it or not, you can actually dump your house keys and use fingers to open door locks.

Now the security of your home/office is literally in your hands or rather on your fingertips.

Important features

  • Optical fingerprint sensor
  • 3 Unlocking Modes: Fingerprint, Mifare Card, Password and Mechanical Key
  • Saves up to 120 Fingerprints, 120 Mifare & 1 Password
  • Most modern way of providing keyless entry
  • No possibility of key duplication
  • High level of resistance to friction
  • Flip top protection.
  • Easy Installation and Operation


Blueprint Comparison between Elegant & Elite Finger

Model No. Elegant(ZFLSLAS / ZFLSRAS) Elite(ZFPL40L / ZFPL40R )
1.      Material Zinc Alloy Stainless Steel
2.      Front Panel Colour Grey Black
3.      Fingerprint Sensor Optical Sensor Optical Sensor
4.      Display LED Indicator OLED
5.      Resolution 500 dpi 500 dpi
6.      Power 4-AA alkaline batteries 4-AA alkaline batteries
7.      Enrollment & Verification <=2Seconds, 1:N <=2Seconds, 1:N
8.      Communication Protocol Nil USB Flash Disk
9.      Backup Unlock Mechanism Mechanical Key Emergency battery & Mechanical Key.



Model No. Elegant(ZFLSLAS / ZFLSRAS) Elite(ZFPL40L / ZFPL40R )
1.      Fingerprints 120 500
2.      Mifare Card 120
3.      Password 1 100
4.      Event Capacity 30,000.


Rating Parameters

Performance: ****

Ease of use****


Overall Rating*****